Marketing Strategies for Moving Shelter Animals from No Homes to Forever Homes. Learn how to create content that touches hearts and initiates action. Fetch good ideas here!

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Welcome to KENNEL TO COUCH! I will provide you with the inspiration, tools and best practices you need to move the homeless animals in your care to their forever homes…FAST. Think of KENNEL TO COUCH as your FREE go-to resource to learn about successful promotions and campaigns from rescues and shelters around the globe. I'll give you the tips and how-to's you need to create content that touches people's hearts. You don't need a professional photographer, videographer or writer to create compelling marketing materials that will inspire people into action. Let’s face it: YOU are the one who knows the animal’s story. YOU are the one who cares about their future. Your PASSION is what makes the difference. I will just help you along the way. See you on the inside! ~Julie








Speak for those who have no voice.
Tell their stories well.


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